The Original Episodes (2010-2012)

1 Introduction The Constitutional Convention
2 We The People Preamble
3 A Senate & A House Legislative Bodies
4 If Men Were Angels Restrictions of Power of the Executive
5 Is Reconcillation Constitutional? Article 1 Section 3
6 Safe from Salt – The Power to Raise Revenue Article 1 Section 7
7 Few and Defined Article 1 Section 8
8 The Militia What defines a Militia?
9 Taxation with Representation The Power of Taxation
10 The Reverend Duché Tea Party Rally/National Day of Prayer Declared Unconstitutional
11 The CA Homeowner Mortgage Relief Act Article 1 section 10
12 The Traditional Whine – Electoral College “Unfair” Article 2
13 Executive Management Article 2 Sect 2
14 Depressed & Encouraged Article 3
15 The Tenure of Good Judges Federalist #78
16 Treason! Article 3
17 Right for the Wrong Reasons The McDonald Ruling on the 2nd Amendment
18 Full Faith & Credit Article IV
19 Specific & Authentic Acts Article V
20 The Supreme Law of the Land Aricle VI
21 No Things In Moderation
22 Ratification Article VII
23 How To Play Fizzbin 1st Amendment
24 Burning a Koran Is burning a Koran “free speech?”
25 Rejected! 1st Amendment
26 Freedom of the Press 1st Amendment (Press)
27 Why Do We Need the 2nd Amendment
28 The 3rd Amendment The 3rd Amendment & Privacy
29 A Reasonable Expectation John Wilkes & The 4th Amendment
30 Speedy Trials 6th Amendment
31 Cruel & Unusual 8th Amendment
32 Rights 9th Amendment
33 Powers Reserved to the States 10th Amendment
34 Virtually Never Read 11th & 12th Amendments
35 The 14th Amendment Birthright Citizenship
36 The 14th Amendment The Hardest Part to Accept
37 The Reconstruction Amendments
13th, 14th and 15th Amendments
38 Death & Taxes The 16th Amendment
39 Direct Election of Senators The 17th Amendment
40 Prohibition The 18th Amendment
41 Sufferage The 19th Amendment
42 REPEAL! The 21st Amendment
43 Cincinatus The 22nd Amendment
44 DC Votes The 23rd Amendment
45 The Czars Article 2 Section 2
46 No Poll Tax The 24th Amendment
47 Rawhide Down The 20th Amendment – Del Wilbur Interview – Rawhide Down
48 The 18 Year Old Vote 26th Amendment with Josh Jackson
49 Travel Back in Time with Me… 27th Amendment
50 Top 5 Recap
51 The National Popular Vote Act The Electoral College
52 Federalist Papers Pt 1 A look at the Federalist Papers
53 Federalist Papers Pt 2 A look at the Federalist Papers
54 The Original Argument Josh Charles, co-author of “The Original Argument”
55 We The People (Federalist #57) How The People are the Power
56 A Well Functioning Economy Federalist 12 describes taxation policy
57 Rubio and Natural Born Marco Rubio re-ignites the Debate on Natural Born
58 Natural Born What does “Natural Born” really mean?
59 Congress Shall Make No Law 1st Amendment v SOPA
60 How The 1st Amendment Protects Topless Dancing Susan Shelly, author on Incorporation
61 Is a Facebook Like Protected Speech? Is Facebook prtected under the 1st Amendment?
62 Flag Day Show Dave & John celebrate Flag Day
63 The Obamacare Ruling The Supreme Court rules on the AFA
64 A Wall of Seperation The Danbury Letter
65 Freedom of Association The 1st Amendment
66 To Keep & Bear Arms History of the 2nd Amendment
67 Revolution or Restoration? Gary Kreep on a new Convention?
68 Depending on G-d 1st Amendment & religion
69 Confronting Your Accuser The 6th Amendment in action
70 The Last Refuge of a Tyrant Habeus Corpus
71 The NFL Replacement Refs audio The 17th Amendment
72 Preach It, Brother Cal
Religious Expression
73 Chewing Gum the 4th Amendment in Action
74 Whatever Was Not Expressed The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
75 But In a Manner Prescribed By Law The 3rd Amendment
76 The Country Can’t Take Four More Years The 12th Amendment
77 Eagle Parts The 4th Amendment in Action
78 The Dancing California Raisins The 5th Amendment in Action

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