The Preamble – The Omega Glory

By Dave! Diamond, 2012

The Omega Glory

“Look at these three words, written larger than the rest, with a special pride never written before or since – tall words proudly saying “WE THE PEOPLE.” That which you call “Ee’d Plebnista” was not written for the chiefs or the kings or the warriors or the rich or the powerful, but for ALL the people!”

– Captain James T. Kirk[1]

There is a popular urban myth which permeates the American Republic – notwithstanding all of the historical evidence against it, despite the very common sense which once guided our thought processes into revolution, the myth not only takes its hold in the American psyche, but it grows almost yearly, aided by those who prop themselves up as the very beneficiaries of the myth.

And what is that myth?

The so-called “Constitutional Scholar.”

Simply put, there is no such thing.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are those who certainly claim that mantle, there are those for whom the Constitution is so important that they have dedicated a life (or least a big portion of their lives) to study and understanding of the Constitution; but the idea that the Constitution was ever and only meant for those few is both laughably untrue, and sadly believed by far too many Americans for whom the Constitution is – like the Torah or the Bible – a guide book that only those who attend special study can ever really hope to understand and apply. That was never what was supposed to be.

As the Protestant reformation spoke of “sola scriptura,” and demanded that a Priest was not (and never was) necessary for intercessory communication with the Almighty Deity, I submit to you that the Constitution was never meant to be “interpreted” by anything outside its own context, nor was it ever meant to be the purview of a select class, set aside to inform the rest what the Constitution said and meant in any given situation.

Some years back, my radio audience suggested that I do a regular, weekly segment – which turned into an hour – about the Constitution. Five years later I find myself still learning things that make me by turns mad, sad, irritated, scared, amazed and awed, inspired and eager. I believe that most so-called “Constitutional Scholars” – and certainly the politicians who use the document – would prefer that none of We the People ever feel any those things, but remain in content acceptance of whatever they tell us the document means in a given situation.

As a kid (and even today), I loved Star Trek. Captain Kirk is still my hero and always will be. And so it was that the USS Enterprise found itself at planet Omega IV, where the Yangs battled the Khomes to rule the planet. In the end, it’s one of those ubiquitous “parallel planet” episodes where the Yangs turn out to be the Yankees, complete with tattered American Flag and a secret “Chiefs Eyes Only” document that starts with the shibbolethian words, “Ee’d Plebnista…”

Kirk figures out the English meaning of the words[2], “We the People…” the opening words to the US Constitution, and in a moment that as a kid was cool, but as an adult is amazing how much I missed as a kid, teaches the Yangs the truest meaning of the words. That the words are not just for Chiefs, or kings or warriors or the rich or the powerful, but for ALL THE PEOPLE. They must apply to all, he tells them, or they are meaningless.

“Liberty and freedom must be more than just words,” he adds. They must be put into action by people for whom all of the Constitution applies.

The world isn’t Star Trek[3], and believe me, I get that “it’s just a TV show[4].” I don’t have a xenophobic need to dominate the Earth with my Constitution. If the people of France or Burkina Faso[5] have decided on their own rules, that’s their business and I am fine with that.

But more than two hundred years ago here in The United States of America, we decided that the Constitution was the law. Until We the People say otherwise, the Constitution is our rule.

And that is why Captain Kirks words must resonate with us. It – the Constitution – is NOT for the rich, powerful, judicial, Presidential, Congressional only. It MUST apply to all or it is ALL meaningless.[6]

“Look at these three words, written larger than the rest”

That is my mission – to bring the Omega Glory to all Americans and restore the United States Constitution to all of us, not just those Constitutional Gnostics who claim its secrets for themselves. It’s ours. It belongs to us, and in order to exercise our liberty and our freedom, we must have at least a working knowledge of the Constitution.

And it does not matter if you or I am the highest ranking member of our country, or the lowest (the ώ) – it belongs and applies equally to each of us.

As long as we hold on to it with our dearest lives…

[1] Star Trek – “The Omega Glory”  Season 2 Episode 23

[2] He’s very smart, you know…

[3] Sadly

[4] Commander Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen)

[5] It’s a real place, even in the UN. Look it up yourself…

[6] The Federalist Papers No. 57


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