The Preamble – What Our Founders Gave Us

By Brandon L. Worsham

Author of Sex, Drugs, And Full Auto Rock’n’Roll

Power: What Our Nation’s Founders Gave Us

We can do anything in this great nation, or at least what our government allows us to do. The power given to “We the People” of these United States of America by our fore fathers has been almost entirely eroded down to that point. We continually give up the freedoms that made this nation exactly what it is today. I fear that it is because the people have a lack of understanding for what freedom actually means. Freedom is the ability to pursue life, liberty, and property, but we’ve allowed our elected officials to place restrictions on those very things.

Our forefathers spelled out the exact way in which our elected officials could act, and through ignorance or sheer laziness, we’ve allowed them to ignore those procedures. The excuses I always hear are that government is too big, and we can’t do anything to change that. I say t’hell with that. Even the tiniest change among individuals has an enormous impact as a collected mass. One person who learns and understands what was given to us, has an impact that far reaches what they may ever be able to comprehend.

You don’t have to know everything about our constitution to know that our government isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. All that needs to be done on the part of each individual is to understand portions or a portion of the document. When they realize that something is wrong, they will most likely want to understand the whole thing. When they eventually realize that our elected officials are doing something they’re not supposed to, they will hopefully take up the best weapons our fore fathers gave us, free speech and the right to vote.

These two things are the greatest weapons ever devised. For one, there is no death tied to either as both are meant to be a peaceful means for holding government accountable for it’s actions. We could just go on a genocidal rage every time something happens that we don’t like, but then we would always be at the will of the masses. The second built in weapon is the second amendment, which gives us the right to defend ourselves with force when burdened by an intrusive government. The death incurred from the use of this right may be unthinkable, but it would be necessary to sustain the freedoms we enjoy.

This right is essential in protecting against threats from not only government, but the criminals that our elected officials have created. The very criminals that our government says they’re protecting us against when they pass laws that erode our freedoms. What will the world be like when you wake up one day to the news that our government has taken the last thread of freedom we have left? I write to stop that very thing, education is the key to keeping freedom, and it starts with conversation. Conversation that can be easily taken away by a corrupt government left unchecked by “We the People.”


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