The (unguaraneteed) Right to Vote

Two congressmen insist you aren’t guaranteed a right to vote.

I have pointed this out for years (well, at least since 2007 when I got my chair), and each and every time I do, a firestorm of “That’s not true” callers will parade through informing me that they have a Constitutionally guaranteed absolute right to vote in every election held.

You don’t, and you won’t find it in there. Certainly not in the words on the page, although once people start poking around with their 14th Amendment goggles on who knows what they might “find?”

That said, I think that it might be the appropriate time to consider such an amendment, but I think that Section 1 is problematic as it list “any public election held in the jurisdiction in which the citizen resides.”

That’s going to raise problems – “any public election” could cover a whole lot of non-applicable ground.

Still, it’s worth discussion, and seeing if an “authentic and explicit act” of the American People is in order here.

via The (unguaraneteed) Right to Vote.


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