The NSA Coffee Mug

The NSA: The Only Branch of Government that Actually Listens

Recorded: November 09, 2013

Welcome to “Constitution Thursday – The Saturday Podcast”

Dave and John are back for a monthly look at the US Constitution, this time with a couple of new cast members including Pat the Lawyer and Chatroom Jeff, charter members of the LPOV Group. The Saturday Podcast will focus on the Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, or as we learn in the first episode, ten of the first twelve amendments proposed.

These sessions are not broadcast segments, so they are a bit more informal than normal, and in this first episode we had a technical problem that forced us to move at the last second to another studio. That meant that Dave didn’t have his computer in front of him, so some things are a little forgetful but the basic ideas are there, even if he can’t remember if it was Washington or Jefferson specifically or Texas or Michigan involved in the discussion.

We start with a general look at the Bill of Rights, the proposed Amendment that failed and one that just got a bit delayed, along with the idea that the purpose of the 1st Amendment is to prevent the Government from using force and power to suppress people from making fun of it.

We hope that you will enjoy the first episode of the Saturday Podcasts of Constitution Thursday and look forward to working through the Bill of Rights with us!


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