Shay’s Rebellion

On August 21, 1786, the uprising known as “Shay’s Rebellion” began in Massachusetts. The rebellion was born of frustration among the Veterans of the Revolutionary War who felt that they were being denied the very freedoms for which they had fought and bled. Like most history though, it is the stories of the individuals involved that have been lost in the shuffle of “the big picture” that had the most influence and the most impact on the events of the day. Captain Henry Gale was a leader of Shay’s rebellion, and in the United States of America, he was sentenced to hang for his actions, driven by his conscience. His story, which I learned from one of his descendants (buy the book liked to the left, it’s great!), is a remarkable vision of the America of the pre-Constitution era, and in the midst of the Ratification Debates, it may have been the hanging of Captain Henry Gale that influenced the writing of and the debates over the powers of the Government.

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