Gone Fishing…



As the Convention reaches its planned vacation, many of the delegates have plans for relaxation and rest before the final push to the end. The problem is that there are now nineteen resolutions on the table as the framework for the new government. There are cornerstones and regular stones, but no mason to put them all together.

But there is no single document bringing them together into a coherent format.

As General Washington leaves to go fishing, five men are chosen to stay behind and work to bring all of the motions and discussion the Convention has approved so far, into a useable document.

John Rutledge of South Carolina will, by sheer force of will, become the de facto leader of this small committee. And over the next eleven days, he will forge what will become recognizable as the Constitution’s final form.

The problem with what he will do starts in a small, long forgotten tavern, on St. Patrick’s Day, Seventeen Eighty-Four.

It is three years before the Convention will begin, and John Rutledge is ill…


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