The Committee on Everything


Getting started on Rutledge’s’ draft of the Constitution, some members noticed that there are some very odd things contained in the document. Rufus King of Massachusetts can keep quiet no longer. He has agreed to things so far because he believes that a strong central government must emerge from the Convention. But what he sees on paper now, is a nation divided by avarice and slavery. Either what Rutledge has written must change or the three-fifths must be eliminated. He won’t say the word, but the room senses he means abolition.

Gouverneur Morris has no such limits. He will rail once more, passionately and deeply about the evils and morality of slavery.

The Convention listens, then gets down to work. Realizing that the entire room is unwieldy and that the best and fastest work gets done in committee, they form several such groups, including, the committee on all the stuff we forgot or are too busy to work on…


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