Youth Were Never More Sawcie

In the early 1970’s, Congress passed an amendment to the Voting rights act to stop States from limiting who could vote based solely upon their age, specifically for those who were old enough to fight in Vietnam, but not old enough to vote for the leaders who were sending them to Southeast Asia.

Many people objected based on the same old ideas that young people have never been more sawcie and saucie. President Nixon was concerned that the amendment would not pass Constitutional muster, and that might endanger the entirety of the Voting Rights Act. He signed it, but he wasn’t totally onboard with it.

Naturally, the States objected and Oregon sued. The Supreme court did find the amendment unconstitutional, but left the rest of the Voter Rights Act intact.

The response was the fastest passage and ratification of any of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, the 26th Amendment.

And that’s where the trouble beings. In 2018, two stores announced that they would refuse to sell guns to people under 21. Now… can it be that businesses of public accommodation CAN refuse to serve citizens who are not to be deprived of the privileges and immunities of all citizens with due process and equal protection? Or… did Congress and the Court mean that under 21’s can vote and that’s it?




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