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Flashback – The Pentagon Papers

nytfrontpgForty-four years ago the New York Times began publishing The Pentagon papers, which proved that the Government was lying about the Vietnam War. On February 28, 2013, on Afternoons Live with Dave & John, the boys turned to look at Article I Sect 6 and how the Pentagon Papers changed the nation.

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The Spin Doctors


The Convention Part 3 – The Spin Doctors

1771_Pennsylvania_Packet_Oct28The Convention finally gets underway. First things first, rules have to be established and agreed upon. Then the business of reforming the Government can get rolling. The first presentations take on the problems the nation confronts, including the biggest danger facing America.

The local Newspaper want a story, and somebody, just who isn’t exactly clear, is giving them one.

George Wythe and his rules committee approve two special rules that will serve to insure secrecy and flexibility.

As an add-on for Constitution Thursday, I have compiled for you a couple of PDF Documents which contain the biographies of the 55 Delegates who participated in the Convention. It is a rather large file (18MB) and is nearly 400 pages in length, but it provides a quick reference for the men involved in this discussion. You can download CONSTITUTION THURSDAY – The Delegates HERE.

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2015-1 America on the Brink

Captain Daniel Shays

Captain Daniel Shays

By 1786, the United States were on the brink of utter destruction as a nation. The government had no way to raise money, no way top defend the borders and no way to protect individual rights. Armed insurrection was a real threat, and armed invaders stood ready to pounce on whatever was left. The Philadelphia Convention was more than just “fixing” the government. It was, quite literally, the last chance for the American dream. In the Preamble, we see how the Convention proposed to save the nation, what it would accomplish and it took a direct aim at those who would support the fatally flawed government already in place.

(Editors note: We apologize for the excessive background noise. Ben was home from school today, and he was just wound up and wasn’t going to calm down for anything. This 45 minute podcast took nearly six hours to record, but we powered through it and got it done as best we could…)

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