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Mr. Madison’s War

President Trump has exercised his Executive authority to call forth the National Guard for the expressed purpose of “doing Military things” to guard the border with Mexico.

Whether or not you agree with his policy, we ask the question about why it is that he President is calling forth the militia of the several states, when Article I section 8 makes it clear that Congress is supposed to be doing that. 

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2015-3 The Common Defense

I_want_youWe the People ordained and established the Constitution in order to provide “for the common defense.” In doing so, the debate was sparked over what was needed for that defense, and whether or not there any actual threats to the United States. How would the  power of taxation, given to the proposed new government, be an great asset to provide for such a common defense? And ultimately, who decides what are the national security interests of the nation?

The Militia

Dave, Captain Mike and Jeremy the Bytemaster came to the realization that “what is a Militia” is Constitutionally defined. And it won’t sit well with some of the active so-called and self-styled Militia groups around the Country.

The Militia (Article 1 Sect 8)

Original Airdate: April 1, 2010


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