Dave Bowman

10177358_10204069282756957_4261311290977426634_nDave Bowman is a former radio talk show host, father, baseball fan and writer, football fan, avid reader and a frustrated writer. He has a passion for coffee and for tequila, and is a ToTaL Star Trek and Big Bang Theory geek.

He was born in Oklahoma, grew up in Colorado, graduated from Ogden High School in Ogden, UT, served for eleven years in the US Navy Submarine fleet, was a Naval Instructor and Ballistic Missile Fire Control Technician, achieving the rank of FTB1(SS) through sorcery and favoritism but would have been happy staying an FTB2(SS) for life.

He later attended Seminary in Atlanta, GA, then served as a pastor for five years before realizing the massive error of his ways. He then worked in non-Profit management until 2006 when he was hired to do sports for a local talk radio show, eventually moving into the host position in September of 2007. In January of 2015, dave left the Radio station to help launch a local Podcast Network, Podcast 99.

podcast 99 copy

His Podcast, “Plausibly Live” – The Official Podcast of The Dave Bowman Show, is heard weekdays on The Podcast 99 Network.

You can eMail Dave by clicking HERE


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