The Original Episodes (2010-2012)

The Original Episodes (2010-2012)

The original Constitution Thursday ran from 2010-2012 and while there are some “missing” episodes, the vast majority are presented here as they originally aired on Afternoons Live with Dave! Diamond (later Afternoons Live with Dave & John)…


Introduction – The Constitutional Convention
We The People – The Preamble
A Senate & A House  – Legislative Bodies
If Men Were Angels  – Restrictions of Power of the Executive
Is Reconcillation Constitutional? – Article 1 Section 3
Safe from Salt – The Power to Raise Revenue
Few and Defined – Article 1 Section 8
The Militia – what is a Militia?
Taxation with Representation – The Power of Taxation
The Reverend Duché – Tea Party Rally/National Day of Prayer Declared Unconstitutional
The CA Homeowner Mortgage Relief Act  – Article 1 section 10
The Traditional Whine – Electoral College “Unfair” – Article 2
Executive Management – Article 2 Sect 2
Depressed & Encouraged – Article 3
The Tenure of Good Judges – Federalist #78
Treason! – Article 3
Right for the Wrong Reasons – The McDonald Ruling on the 2nd Amendment
Full Faith & Credit – Article IV

Specific & Authentic Acts – Article V
The Supreme Law of the Land – Article VI

No Things In Moderation
Ratification – Article VII
How To Play Fizzbin – The 1st Amendment
Burning a Koran – 1st Amendment Speech & Religius expression
Freedom of the Press -1st Amendment
Why Do We Need the 2nd Amendment? The 2nd Amendment
The 3rd Amendment – Quatering
A Reasonable Expectation – John Wilkes and the 4th amendment
Speedy Trials – 6th Amendment
Cruel & Unusual – 8th Amendment
Rights Reserved to the People – The 9th Amendment
Powers Reserved to the States – The 10th Amendment
Virtually Never Read – The 11th Amendment
Birthright – The 14th Amendment
The Hardest Part to Accept – The 14th Amendment
The Reconstruction Amendments – The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendmentments
Death & Taxes – The 16th Amendment
Direct Election of Senators – The 17th Amendment
Prohibition – The 18th Amendment
Suffrage – The 19th Amendment
REPEAL! – The 21st Amendment
Cincinatus – The 22nd Amendment
DC Votes – The 23rd Amendment
The Czars – Article II Section 2
No Poll Tax – The 24th Amendment
Rawhide Down – The 25th Amendment with Del Wilbur
The 18 Year Old Vote – The 26th Amendment
Travel Back in Time with Me… – The 27th Amendment
Top 5 Things I’ve Learned About the Constitution
The National Popular Vote Act – The electoral College
Federalist Papers Pt 1
Federalist Papers Pt 2
The Original Argument – The Federalist Papers with Josh Charles

We The People – Federalist #57
A Well Functioning Economy – Federalist 12: Taxation & The Economy
Natural Born – Can Marco rubio Be President?
Congress Shall Make No Law – SOPA and the 1st Amendment
How The 1st Amendment Protects Topless Dancing – Incorporation with Susan Shelly
Is a Facebook Like Protected Speech?
Flag Day Show – Dave & John on the Besty Ross Story
The Obamacare Ruling – A review of the SCOTUS Ruling
A Wall of Separation – The Danbury Letter
Freedom of Association – The 1st Amendment in Action
To Keep & Bear Arms – The History of the 2nd Amendment

Revolution or Restoration? – Gary Kreep Interview
Depending on G-d – The 1st Amendment and Religion in Action
Confronting Your Accuser – The 6th Amendment In Action
The Last Refuge of a Tyrant – Habeas Corpus in Action
The NFL Replacement Refs – The 17th Amendment in Action
Preach It, Brother Cal – Religious Expression in Action
Chewing Gum – The 4th Amendment in Action
Whatever Was Not Expressed – Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
But In a Manner Prescribed By Law – The 3rd Amendment in Action
The Country Can’t Take Four More Years – The 12th Amendment in Action
Eagle Parts – The 4th Amendment in Action
The Dancing California Raisins – The 5th Amendment in Action



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