“Chatroom” Jeff Gregory


10414427_652196694864866_9183438197571467737_nJeff Gregory, aka “Chat Room Jeff”, is a fairly newcomer to the idea of actually studying the Constitution and its intent and meaning. He was raised in Alabama and moved to California in 1980. He graduated high school in 1984, by-passed the college life, and went directly into the work force in the Security business. He is currently a Fire Alarm and Nurse Call systems salesman in the Bay Area for both new construction and existing retrofits. When not working, he enjoys traveling with his wife to far-away places and watching college football (Roll Tide!). 

The closest Jeff came to studying the Constitution was listening to Schoolhouse Rock as a kid and memorizing what he needed to pass tests in school. He listened to talk radio and knew about the issues but never discussed it outside his circle. Until 2009, voting was the extent of his involvement into politics. When the Tea Party started its rise, Jeff and his wife attended a few meetings and, within a month, became one of the leaders of the local chapter. The intent of those meetings was supposed to provide Constitutional information on both sides of an issue and direct the group to research to come to the best conclusion that fits their own principles and values. Over the next 2 years, the group, influenced by others, slowly started to abandon that principle for party alliance. Not liking the direction, Jeff and his wife left the group in 2011. During those 2 years, they did befriend a certain local radio host and shared ideas of “what should have been” and “what else can we do”. Those talks between Dave, Jeff, and Pat “The Lawyer” spurred the Layman’s Point of View and a continuation of Constitution Thursday, the Saturday Podcast. 



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