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CT – Exposed Breasts and Buttocks | Plausibly Live

After recent school shootings, the proposal was made to raise the age for purchasing guns to twenty-one. In at least two cases, challenges were filed and in at least one of those, the challenge was upheld as the practice was seen as being in violation of equal protection and various State laws.

So now we move to the state of Louisiana. The Legislature there, deeply concerned about the well-being of young and vulnerable women who dance with exposed breasts and/or buttocks for money from patrons who must remain at least three feet away, must be twenty-one years of age in order to do so.


Naturally, the dancers who performed with exposed breasts and/or buttocks and who were under 21 sued in Federal Court. They are claiming that the law would violate their constitutional right to dance with breasts and/or buttocks exposed for money from patrons who must be at least three feet away.

Now look, there are a whole lot of issues here that we could get into, and perhaps we will tomorrow. But for now, the question is simply this: does a law restricting the right to dance with breasts and/or buttocks exposed to twenty-one and older meet muster Constitutionally? It’s not quite as clear-cut as you might think, and it’s what we talk about today on Constitution Thursday…

Source: CT – Exposed Breasts and Buttocks | Plausibly Live


A Day to Day Convention

On Monday, January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court of the United states issued what could be argued was its most controversial ruling, Roe v Wade. In the ensuing years, most Americans have gone deaf from the volume the the arguments over the moral implications of the ruling.

On the first live broadcast of Constitution Thursday since September 20, 2013, we take a look at the ruling and the process by which the Court decided that a right to privacy exists between a citizen and their physician.

Upon further review, did the Court “get it right,” at least as far as the privacy rights are concerned? And if they did, how far should that/those right/s extend?

It’s Constitution Thursday, LIVE on the Podcast 99 Network!



The 14th Amendment and Gay Marriage Bans

14amA Constitution Thursday look at the 14th Amendments protections of “privileges and immunities” and how that enters into the arguments for and against bans on gay marriage

Link: Congressman John Bingham speech, “One Country, One Constitution and One People” in favor of the 14th Amendment.

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