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How Will I Know?

One of the reasons that I so enjoy the study of the Constitution is that it is – in process – so similar to Torah study. The lines of thought are similar and the process is enjoyable to me as my eyes are often opened to new ideas and considerations. Read the rest of this entry


Voting Rights And Property Rights

The Supreme Court issued several major rulings today covering issues ranging from voting rights to property rights. Tomorrow will be the final decision day and will feature marriage equality rulings.

The voting rights case was Shelby County v. Holder and focused on two aspects of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Sections 4 and 5 were challenged by Shelby County Alabama on the grounds that they were unconstitutional. Read the rest of this entry

Affirmative Action and Sex Offender Registration

In Fisher the court vacated the Appeals Court ruling and remanded the case saying that the court should have used the highest “strict scrutiny” standard in reviewing the race based admissions policy at the University. The vote was 7-1.

The basic issue in this case was racial preferences as part of college admissions. The question at hand was whether or not they violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution since it does treat one race differently than another.

Over the years the general rule has been that racial preferences can be part of the admissions process at a college or university but not the only standard, and that the system must be narrowly tailored. Read the rest of this entry

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