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How To Study Torah (And The Constitution)

I was asked the other day about comparing the study of Torah to the study of the Constitution. Most of you know that I once went to Seminary. It was a huge mistake, but I did learn a few things when I was there. One of which was how NOT to study scripture.

The really hard part though is dropping all of your preconceived ideas, all of your already decided beliefs and approaching things with an open mind. You will find that you are right about some things. And you will find that you were wildly wrong about some others.

That said, these are my ideas for how to study Torah… I mean the Constitution…

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TV or Not TV?

10414427_652196694864866_9183438197571467737_nAs my involvement with Constitution Thursday and the LPOV group grows, I often wonder why there are less people involved with today’s political climate then in the past. Laws get passed that strip our liberties and freedoms and, in most cases, that nobody knows about. Politicians title these bills something that sounds great but are far from what the name actually implies. And people continue to vote the same people into office and go about their lives never knowing what is really going on in Washington. So how did we get here? I have a theory: the invention of the television.

Back before TV, people read. Books, newspapers, and magazines were all the rage. People talked with their neighbors about the happenings of the world. And they wrote letters to the people who could help them; their elected representatives. City Council, State Assembly and Senate members, Congressmen, Senators; all were in touch with the people who voted them into office. Town hall meetings were the norm, not just during election time. Washington DC was a place to do the work of the people, not a place to hide from the people who they represent and a jackpot full of money for ex-politicians and consultants. Read the rest of this entry

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