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John Dickinson Saves Delaware


The Philadelphia Convention – Part 2


To say that General Washington was angry would have been the understatement of the century. He was as close to losing his legendary cool as he had been since the war ended, and with his personal reputation on the line, he circulated┬áthe parties and dinners of Philadelphia’s social network. He faced a barrage of questions about the rumors swirling through the City. “Do you mean to destroy the government?”

The source of the rumors was the discovery that the Virginia delegation was meeting in secret each day as they waited for the rest of the delegates to arrive, to refine a plan that James Madison had written to do just that. Was this… treason?

Of bigger concern, the small States were horrified that Virginia meant to swallow them up, through “addition, division, or impoverishment.” The call went out as a letter was dispatched to John Dickinson of Delaware. He would arrive in time to fight to save the small States…

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