Welcome to “The Layman’s Point of View” Blog and Commentary. Here you can read the essays and commentaries put together by the LPOV Working Group which helps each week prepare for and present Constitution Thursday.

The group members are a mixed lot of professionals who gathered together one evening at (the now defunct) Mike’s Roadhouse and over drinks and dinner came up with the idea to present their thoughts and ideas here as ordinary people with a love for the Constitution and its meaning and applications.

Here you will read ideas from a group of people who are as different from each other as can be imagined. A Radio Talk Show Host, a Lawyer, a Salesman, a Security Guard, a Business Manager, a self-proclaimed House Wife and others.

There are no “right answers,” just idea and discussions that hopefully will lead you to further study and consideration on your own part.

Thanks for dropping by, and feel free to leave your own comments and questions…

  1. I like the idea of this page, but I’m having trouble navigating the site and participating. I can’t tell if the site is still active.


  2. Yes Joseph we are still active, just not as active as we’d like (that darn work thing).

    Please feel free to participate, the posts are listed to the right. Let us know of any questions.


  3. Love Constitution Thursday!

    Will there be Constitution Thursday audio tracks (from the DB Show) available also?

    Thanks for your clear thinking, Dave!



  4. Welcome back, Constitution Thursday! Loved the 11/9/13 episode!

    I like how you intertwine the historic with the present when illustrating elements of the subject at hand. Especially interesting is the rather obscure* historical information…

    Looking forward to the next episode.


    * By “obscure” I mean that which is typically not mentioned even in college history classes.


  5. I’ve been listening to CT since the beginning (noting some pretty major time gaps, according to the titles, but that’s an aside).

    Dave, I’ve really been enjoying the time spent listening to the history and commentary.

    Have you considered running for office? (Or do you want that headache??)


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